Feelin' Groovy?

Thought So.

Well? Hmmm...

Being overly dumb can be cool, too. For example, on August 1, 1997 at 15:00, I came out of the Hollywood 16 theaters after seeing "Good Burger", one of those moods that can get you in a dumb mood quickly, so naturally, I was in a dumb mood. I went outside to my car and it was very bright and it was difficult to see clearly because I had been in the dark theater. I got to my car and and this dude and his girlfriend had just arrived and were getting out of a car across from mine. I first thought it was Trevor Silvernail, because I couldn't see very well. I then realized it was instead, Julian Robinson. I said, "Hey dude, how ya' doin?". Being in a dumb, somewhat silly mood, I thought about adding, "Y'all gonna watch a movie?", but I didn't, which was probably a good thing. A movie quote to not post to the "Quote of the Day": "Welcome to Good Burger, Home of the Good Burger, May I take your order?"

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