Eggbeater Jesus

This is really a cool, unusual landmark in Huntsville, AL. I'm not sure when the nickname "Eggbeater Jesus" began being used, but the mosaic (not a painting) which appears on the front of the First Baptist Church here in Huntsville was started in 1966 and finished in 1973. It can be seen from Governor's Drive (US 431) a short distance east of Memorial Parkway (US 231). The mosaic was created by artist Gordon Smith of Smith Stained Glass Studios of Fort Worth, Texas. The Christ figure in the mosaic measures 43 feet in height and the mosaic is made of approximately 14 million pieces of Italian tile.

The picture was taken on September 17, 2003 from my vehicle as I was traveling east on Governor's Drive (US 431) that evening. The source of my information about the mosaic was from a page from the WWW site for the First Baptist Church.

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