The Invisible Page

Okay, this page is camouflaged so you can't see it, so why in the world are you trying to read it?

Anyway, camouflage is cool. I got my first camo outfit in December, 1984. I still have the jacket, which still fits perfectly, and it still in excellent condition. The pants have become snug, though, and fit like tight jeans, since I have grown some since then. I have bought two more pairs in recent years, one small pair that fits like jeans, and a medium pair, that fit like the ones I got in 1984 originally did. At my high school in Cedartown, Georgia, lots of guys started wearing camo in late 1983 and early 1984. That became a fad, but since then, they've never totally dropped out of popularity. The parachute pants fad (those, usually black, snug fitting nylon pants with lots of pockets), of 1984 and 1985 didn't last nearly as long. By 1987, there were few parachute pants wearers left.

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