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Historical Information: Alabama: Boaz

Nova 9

Opening date: 2000/11/15

The Nova 9 multiplex was opened by NOVA Cinetech in the Boaz Outlet Center. I have two sources of information that differ on the opening date. The Director of Operations/Marketing of NOVA Cinetech gave me November 15, 2000 (a Wednesday) as the opening date. However, the first ad for the Nova 9 appearing in the Gadsden Times was on Frday, October 27, 2000, which had showtimes for 9 movies, with no mention of a grand opening.

Rialto Theatre

Opening date: 1924/03/10

First movie shown: Little Johnny Jones

The Rialto Theatre opened on March 10, 1924 and was located on Main Street in Boaz in the former M. L. Mount store. The first show was ????Little Johnny Jones????, a comedy starring Johnny Hines. Carl Medlock was manager 1924-1956 and the theatre Seated 500. In 1929, the theatre was fitted for sound. The theatre was owned by Marshall County Enterprise, Inc., owned by Col. Thomas E. Orr and C. W. Woodall (in 1932 Woodall sold interest to Orr). Martin Theatres bought the Rialto in 1953. The first location was 105 South Main Street, which was rented to Mastin's in 1941. Mastin's leveled the floor and later bought the building. The second location was 109 South Main Street, which was occupied July 4, 1940 until the theatre closed. The original spelling of the theatre name in the grand opening ad and the article about the opening was ????Rialtor????.

Tate Theatre

Opening date: 1948/10/14

First movie shown: Honeymoon

The Tate Theatre opened on Thursday, October 14, 1948 at 5:00 PM and was located at 101 North Church Street (at West Mill Avenue) in Boaz. ????Honeymoon???? starring Shirley Temple, Guy Madison, and Franschot Tone was the first movie shown. The building was later used by Weather's Furniture. The theatre operated until 1950. It was run by Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Tate.

Royal Theatre

Opening date: 1916/07/27

First movie shown: A Battle Cry of Peace

The Royal Theatre opened on Thursday, July 27, 1916 and the first show was ????A Battle Cry of Peace????. The building was located in Boaz next door to Boaz Drugs.

Strand Theatre

The Strand Theatre opened in 1914 in Boaz and was located on West Mill Avenue, and later moved to North Main Street where Hammer's is now located. It was operated by Van and Lola Wesson. It later moved to South Main Street where Mastin's Home Supply is now. The present theatre building is at 111 South Main Street and was built in 1939 and bought by the Martin chain until it moved in 1966. This movie house had been known as the Strand, Royal, and finally the Rialto.

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