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Theatre/Film Technical Information Pages On This Site

Film Formats

An explanation of anamorphic, flat widescreen, and super35 filming techniques.

Things To Look For In Theatres

Describes many aspects of theatre's auditoriums and presentations to check.

A Brief Explanation of Film Sound

This page will help clear up confusion over terms such as THX, DTS, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Stereo. If you are thinking of asking "Is THX better than DTS?" or "Is THX better than Dolby Digital?" then read this page NOW!

The USENET newsgroup FAQ

This is an ASCII text document with lots of technical information about film and projection.

Links To Other Sites With Useful Technical Information

A great site run by Brad Miller which contains forums which do not require membership to lurk and read (although membership is required to participate), as well as an impressive collection of manuals and technical documents available for download.

American Widescreen Museum

A great site run by Martin Hart which contains extensive historical information and technical information concerning widescreen filming processes, color photography, and film sound.

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