Movie Theatre Information:  Huntsville and Decatur, Alabama

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Historical Information: Alabama: Guntersville

Marshall Drive-In

Opening date: 1949/05/26

First movie shown: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Marshall Drive-In opened Thursday, May 26, 1949, with the gates opening at 6:00 and the show starting at dusk. The first movie was ????The Secret Life of Walter Mitty???? which was shown on Thursday and Friday. The drive-in was owned by a corporation made up of Cullen B. Goss, owner of Albertville Airport, and W. W. Hammonds, owner of the Joy Theatre in Fyffe. The opening of the theatre was planned for April 1949, but was delayed by bad weather.

Lake Theatre

Opening date: 1949/03/09

First movie shown: Two Guys From Texas

The Lake Theatre opened on Wednesday, March 9, 1949 at 1:30. It was located on Main Street in Guntersville and seated 899. ????Two Guys From Texas???? was the first movie, showing at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, and 9:30 opening day. Bill Harris was the manager. C. W. Woodall of Woodall's Inc. opened the theatre.

Center Theatre

The Center Theatre is known to have existed during the 1937-1939 time period and was located in south Guntersville.

Ritz Theatre

Opening date: 1937/08/04

First movie shown: Hit Parade

The Ritz Theatre opened on Wednesday, August 4, 1937 at 4:00. ????Hit Parade???? (a musical production) was the first show, with two shows at 7:00 and 9:00. It was located on Main Street in Guntersville and seated 375. The theatre was opened by Amusement Enterprise, Inc. by C. W. Woodall, manager. Still existed in 1955 and seems to have closed in the mid to late 1950s.

Palace Theatre

Opening date: 1928/09/03

First movies shown:

The Palace Theatre opened on Wednesday, September 3, 1928 at 7:00, with ????The Student Prince???? as the first show (????Cleopatra???? was also shown). C. W. Woodall and Thomas E. Orr opened the theatre. The cost of the theatre was $23000 and it was located on the southeast corner of the public square in Guntersville. It seated 450 seats (twice the capacity of the old theatre).

Cosmo Theatre

The Cosmo Theatre in Guntersville existed by 1924 and seems to have closed after the Palace opened in 1928.

Bonita Theatre

The Bonita Theatre in Guntersville existed by 1921 and seems to have closed during the 1920s.

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