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Historical Information: Tennessee: Columbia

Shady Brook Cinemas

Opening date: 1983/07/29

First movies shown:

The Shady Brook Cinemas was opened by Columbia Cinemas on Friday, July 29, 1983 at Shady Brook Mall with 4 screens. The theatre advertised Dolby Stereo sound and rocking chairs with extra leg room. The movies shown on opening night were Staying Alive at 7:15 and 9:15, Jaws 3D at 7:05 and 9:20, Porky's II at 7:30 and 9:30, and Return of the Jedi at 7:00 and 9:20. By July 1988, the theatre had 6 screens. By July 1992, it had 10 screens. It currently has 12 screens.

Cinema 1 and 2

Opening date: 1977/12/21

First movies shown:

The Cinema 1 and 2 opened on Wednesday, December 21, 1977 at 6:30. The theatre advertised push back seats and an automated projection system. The movies shown on opening night were Close Encounters of the Third Kind at 7:00 and 9:25, and The Gauntlet at 7:05 and 9:10. This location was later called the Polk 1 and 2. This theatre closed in July 1983 right before the Shady Brooks Cinemas opened.

Sundown Drive-In

Opening date: 1950/09/21

First movie shown: Duchess of Idaho

The Sundown Drive-In opened on Thursday, September 21, 1950 at 7:00PM. It was located 2 and a half miles north on Nashville Pike (US 31). The opening movie was Duchess of Idaho. Sidney Johnson, President; Jack Chappell, Vice-President, and S. S. Fleming, Secretary were listed as officers under Sundown Drive-In Theatre, Inc. Mr. W. Frank Lee was listed as the person as being in charge of the concession stand department. Other staff listed: Irvine Howell, Projection Room; Miss Frances Kennedy and Mrs. Douglas Goodwin, Charge of Tickets; Buddy Kennedy, Billy Rayburn, William R. Howell, and Neel Henderson, Ticket Assistants. The drive-in had a 550 car capacity, and appears to have closed at some point during the July 1984 to July 1988 time period.

Dan-Dee Drive-In

Opening date: 1949/11/19

First movie shown: Southern Yankee

The Dan-Dee Drive-In opened on Saturday, November 19, 1949 at 6:30PM. The movie shown on opening night was A Southern Yankee with Red Skelton at 7:00PM. There was space for 456 automobiles with sound provided by individual RCA In-A-Car speakers. The screen was 52 feet wide and 38 feet high. The theatre closed at some point during the July 1952 to July 1956 time period.

Lyric Theatre

This theatre existed in January 1944 (unable to locate grand opening ad at this point using binary search). It seated 400. The theatre seems to have closed during the July 1952 to May 1956 time period.

Polk Theatre

Opening date: 1951/10/18

First movie shown: I Can Get It For You Wholesale

The Polk Theatre was opened on Thursday, October 18, 1951 at 1:00PM by Crescent Amusement Company. The opening movie was I Can Get It For You Wholesale at times 1:24, 3:26, 5:28, 7:30, and 9:32. The theatre seated 1250 and advertised a massive new cyclorama screen, a cry room, retractable seats. Al Shortley was noted as the manager in the grand opening ad.

Princess Theatre

Existed by 1930. It was located at 210 W. 7th Street and seated 940. It appears to have closed in the last half of 1949..

Gem Theatre

No longer in operation. Negro theatre. Existed in 1954.

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